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Served as a manager for a German automotive supplier in Germany, USA and Canada. He supported the build up of 3 manufacturing sites in
​North America.
He became an entrepreneur & founded TriElement LLC in the USA, then moved to Canada. He is excited to run InWissen Interactive Learning Inc creating meaningful interactive learning experiences
​​(eLearning modules).​
​Living in Europe for 3 month re-ignited a passion for new places, and living a more simple life. Now his newest venture - Simple Living Camps - keeps him busy since 2016.
​​”Here I am human, here I dare it to be”,

​​”Hier bin ich Mensch, hier darf ich’s sein”.
Hiking high in the Alps. The rush of skiing. Chatting with people and hearing their stories.

He was close but he didn’t invent Twitter. Big pout. Can’t stand oatmeal porridge. Not hitting a hole-in-one …….. yet.

His Motto: Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every byway, until you find your dream!

Toolmaker, turned officer in the German Air Force. Military training introduced him to the IT field.


She founded SmoothieLearning and Infacilitation - consulting companies that morphed into InVizzen - a play on words that means "In Knowledge".
​Living in Europe for 3 months re-ignited her passion for new places, yoga and living a more simple life. She launched a new venture:
​Simple Living Camps.
We've have a brand new learning concept up our sleeve. Once we get it just right, you'll be one of the first to hear about it.​
​​Passionate about helping individuals or organisations get important stuff done while being good to their health and planet.
Feels great when she is outside hiking or biking and soaking up mountain sunshine or sea air.

Staying in one place for very long and doing repetitive tasks – moving, exploring, conquering new challengers are her thing.

Her Motto:
​Be clear. Catch fire. Get stuff done.

Honors BSc Kinesiology,
University of Waterloo, ON Canada


Student and athlete, studying hard, and training harder.
​Returning to school to become a registered massage therapist, while taking the time to appreciate life and all of the opportunities which
​I have received.
Being in Austria for 2 weeks ignited my passion for adventure and exploration, exited to return.
​​Continuously grow, be the best version of myself and help others
​achieve the same
Taking in the views from atop a mountain which has just
​been conquered.

“Picking up weights to put them back down.” All things must be done
​with a purpose.

His Motto:
​ “Keep smiling.” – it is my idea of the law of attraction. What energy you put out to the world, returns to you​.
Student- Massage Therapy,
​fascinated by all things to do with ​human movement​.

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