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Season of the Year – Spring has sprung 2017

Written by Sheila Cook

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Scenery at the Zillertal Alps | Spring 2016

Spring has sprung!

In many cultures and traditions, spring is the time for sprouts of new ideas to blossom. It is a time for transformation of both nature and us.

  • Do you notice how your energy changes on sunny days and your steps seem lighter?
  • Are you tired of wearing black and grey clothes and feel ready for pink, green and yellow?
  • Do you have cravings to clean out closets, sweep the sand off the driveway, wash windows or tidy up the garage?
  • Have you re-kindled your commitment to exercise more?
  • Have you seen any brave flowers starting to grow out of the ground?
There’s so much to look forward to and the longer, slightly warmer days encourage us to spend more time outdoors. 

At SimpleLiving Camps, we’re bursting with excitement for several reasons.

#1 Nina is joining us this season!

We met Nina Helmschrott while doing volunteer work on a farm 2 years ago. Even though she was injured, she moved rocks right along side the rest of us. Nina trekking in NepalHave you ever experienced a situation where you immediately had a good connection from someone? Well, this was the case with Nina. I learned about experiences she’s had in Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Botsuana and Iceland. Her pictures are nothing short of incredible.

Last year she finished her Masters degree in physical geography. During her thesis work she studied a forest in the Naturpark and developed a proposal to save this forest. And, this became an actual initiative. Nina on her way to AthensTo celebrate her educational accomplishment she cycled, on her own, 5,700 km through Eastern Europe. 

Over the last few weeks, Nina has energetically spread the word about SimpleLiving Camps in Germany. This summer at Camp, she promises to make us all tasty vegan meals and desserts.

As an avid hiker, climber and cyclist who knows the Zillertal region well she’ll be able to give great tips. She says, “there’s nothing better than being in the mountians, sleeping under the stars, and enjoying nature. Days without sports or nature make me grumpy.” 

#2 Guests making reservations.

#3 We're preparing to depart.

In about a month, we’ll pack up and head for Backpack ready to gothe mountains. Spending 6 months away from Canada seems like a huge, scary and excisting step, and we’re gradually checking things off our “get it done before we leave” lists. I’m sure the Germans and Austrians have a special word for this.
Nina’s motto is:
Das Geheimnis des Vorwärtskommens besteht darin, den ersten Schritt zu tun.
The secret of progess is to take the first step.
Simple Living for Holidays
As a reward - hang out above the Schlegeisspeicher.


So, if you’re sitting on the fence wondering if a trip to SimpleLiving Camps is right for you this year, why not take the first step and get in touch with us. We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you plan.

Happy spring!

Your Camp Rangers,
Sheila Cook & Reinhard Zitzmann

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