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Ranger Sheila


Written by Sheila Cook

While in Germany, I picked up the monthly train magazine with the headline article entitled “Digital Burnout”. Since I was one of the few people looking out the window and not wearing ear buds or glued to a phone or tablet, I nodded smugly at my fellow passengers. The fact that always being connected to our devices is bad for our health is a fad in popular media. But I don’t see many people changing their patterns. I wanted to shout “Hey all you people traveling 200 km/hour turn off your devices and stare at the beautiful scenery or day dream”. But, alas my German vocabulary is very limited.
This weekend I listened to an on-line presentation called “Conscious Abundance: The Ultimate Guide to Aligning Your Prosperity with Your Purpose” by Louise Laffey. Deepak Chopra sponsored the thought-provoking and practical session. It wasn’t a surprise to me that his organization would host a session about attracting more abundance while staying connected to you passions. As expected there were many success stories were about people who shifted their corporate lives to seek better work life balance and happiness. There were also plenty of lessons for me about my relationship to work and money.
Then on Sunday I was waiting patiently in a long grocery store line when I noticed a special edition of Time magazine. The edition wasn’t about The Future of Space Travel or Climate Change or The 100 Most Influential People. The title was “Mindfulness”. This was the first surprise. The second surprise was the sub-title – “The new science of health and happiness.” I love when modern science catches up with ancient wisdom and I don’t love when science claims it as theirs’. But that’s a whole other rant. 
I coughed up the hefty $16.99 Canadian plus tax because I was curious to see how Time would present this notion. Articles included “Tune In to Your Body”, The Power of Slow Eating”, ‘Devices Mess with Your Brain” and “So Give Yourself an i-Break!” There wasn’t anything revolutionary in the articles but they were a good reminder for me about the power of breathing practice, eating slowly, and it jogged my memory about a seed sprouting kit I bought months ago that was still in a dark box. I should be mindfully eating nutritious, organic seeds in 3-4 days.
Even if we get a little better at being mindful, research shows improved creativity, sleep, health and thinking power. So why not start small with 5 minutes of deep breathing or meditation? Like all good things mindfulness takes practice and it isn’t always easy. 
At Simple Living Camps we’ll show you the way if you’re a novice or help you deepen your practice if you’re more experienced. Gentle yoga, basic mindfulness meditation, and breathing practices followed by a breakfast bursting with goodness will kick start your day. Spending time in nature is also proven to improve health and of course exercising outdoors has exponential benefits. Life coaching sessions will help you continue the simple living path when you return to your daily life. Oh and did I mention, laughter as medicine? We have a blast spontaneously bursting into songs from the Sound of Music or chuckling at the crazy chickens running around the barn yard or snorting like a pig during breathing practice or counting how many times our hiking companions are awestricken by the scenery and say “wow” in a day. Join us and discover your wows!​​​​
How about you?
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