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A Tribute to Gloria – Record Milk Producer

Written by Sheila Cook

View from a pasture towards Finkenberg | Zillertal, Austria | May 2016​

Gloria lived her entire life in a stunning valley in the Austrian Alps in a place called Innerberg. Surrounded by snowy, rocky mountaintops, she enjoyed many summer days walking the meadows of wildflowers – yellow, blue, purple, orange and white. She was a hard worker – one of the best. This is especially remarkable given the fact that she had a serious accident when she was young and she wasn’t expected to live.
But Farmer Martin insisted that the veterinarian mend her broken leg even though the expert said she’d never heal properly. With lots of special care she did heal and was one of the best milk-producing cows Martin has tended in all his years of farming. Gloria produced close to 100,000 litres of milk in her lifetime. Martin kept her for as long as possible, but sadly in the spring of 2016 Gloria enjoyed her last sunny days on the slopes at the Entalhof. 
We pay tribute to the beautiful cows of the Zillertal area and the farmers who bring them to steep pastures in the summer and fall, make hay to feed them all winter long, and milk them twice everyday. Some of the best milk, butter, yogurt and cheese comes from this region in Tirol. You can taste the difference the organic grass and wildflowers make

Farmer Martin Sporer and Gloria | Innerberg | Zillertal, Austria | April 2016.​

At our Simple Living Camps, we serve fresh milk from Martin’s cows and goats who graze on the near by pastures; and eggs from his free-range chickens. We purchase yogurt and cheese from local farmers who take great pride in their farm to table products.
We hope you’ll join us in the future for a memorable, rejuvenating experience. 

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